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Our 'Customer Care Charter' - designed to give you peace of mind

This customer care policy cannot and is not intended to improve our customer care. What it does is explain a policy, that has been in effect since Acoustic Arrangements was first founded. We aim to provide the very best advice, technical support and backup services, to all of our customers, all of the time. To help us in achieving this, we will endeavor to stay in touch on a regular basis, from the day you make your first enquiry to the end of your warranty period and beyond. If you have a problem with any of our equipment or work, we want to know!

The Charter

  1. Acoustic Arrangements promise that when a quotation is accepted, the price quoted will be the price charged. No surprises!

  2. We guarantee the performance for the purpose specified.

  3. We promise to install all equipment to the manufacturers instructions and all relevant British Standards. During installation we will conform to all requirements of the current IEE Electrical Regulations, Council for Care of Churches and Health and Safety Regulations.

  4. We will minimise the disruption of your place of worship during installation and will treat it with the respect it deserves. There will be no use of transistor radios by operatives, who will work to exacting standards.

  5. We will endeavour to keep the church clean and tidy, though we would ask that any daily services and activities be elsewhere if possible.

  6. We will facilitate any funerals that may occur and ensure that materials and tools are made as discreet as possible for these purposes.

  7. On completion we will clean, as far as possible, all areas affected by the installation.

  8. On completion the system will be fully tested for performance and safety and the church members will be fully instructed on how to operate the system.

  9. We will fully guarantee all aspects of the installation for a full twelve months and you will be offered a maintenance contract (optional) after that time.

  10. We endeavour to offer only the very best in design quality for your church, we use only tried and tested methods and equipment, we only use professional and skilled staff. We are available for consultation prior, during and after the installation.

  11. We strive to guarantee total satisfaction to all our customers.

Technical Support

We are always available during office hours, to give advice and technical support over the phone. Our contact details are available here and are printed on the back of our brochure. Outside of office hours, you can visit our web site. If you have access to the internet and are having trouble operating your equipment, then we would encourage you to check our site first. We already have simple step by step instructions on operating a range of equipment, and this is being added to regularly. If this doesn’t solve your problem and you need a solution within 12 hours, you can e-mail our support team. This service is also available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. We aim to respond as soon as possible. All of these services are available free of charge!


All installations and equipment supplied by Acoustic Arrangements, with the exclusion of second hand equipment, are covered by warranty. The length of warranty is always a minimum of 12 months, but can vary from product to product. We can supply exact warranty details for any piece of equipment we sell. However, what sets us apart from many dealers, is the level of service available even outside of your warranty period. Some dealers refuse to even offer simple advice if your product is out of warranty - our advice is always free!


At Acoustic Arrangements we aim to do far more than sell you a cardboard box! All the latest PA equipment and gadgetry in the world, can’t improve the sound in your church, if no-one can operate it! Whenever we install a new sound or video system, we will train up your operatives free of charge. No matter how little working knowledge you may have, we will help to give you the confidence and ability to operate your new equipment with ease. We will also return to re-train, or train new operatives within your warranty period for the cost of our traveling expenses. If you have purchased your equipment from someone else, or your warranty period has ended, then please call to discuss our cost effective training packages, or our regional training days.

I think Acoustic Arrangements and EAV Pro Audio Visual are doing a great job! I’m even more likely to use you again after your help. I think your after sales service and help was supereb – I’d definitely recommend you to anyone.