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Presentation technology can aid learning like never before

Over the past decade professional audio visual technologies have transformed the way we learn.  Acoustic Arrangements have nearly two decades of experience designing and installing audio visual systems.

Teachers in both primary and secondary schools use presentation technology on a daily basis to make subjects come alive and facilitate interaction and learning.  Universities rely on high quality audio visual systems in their auditoria to commutate complex ideas to students and both schools and universities regularly use sound, lighting and video in the performing arts.

At Acoustic Arrangements' specialist experience with presentation technology means that we are able to provide complete system solutions to schools and universities.  Our aim is to not simply ship brown cardboard boxes, but to walk you through the processes of consultation, design, installation, training, after sales service and support.

Whether it’s performing arts, classroom interaction, digital signage or speech reinforcement, we can help!  Get in touch to book a site consultation.

I think Acoustic Arrangements and EAV Pro Audio Visual are doing a great job! I’m even more likely to use you again after your help. I think your after sales service and help was supereb – I’d definitely recommend you to anyone.