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Need Wireless Microphone Systems On A Budget?

Written by Dave Sharpe on Thursday, 21 August 2014 13:58. Posted in Blog

If you need four wireless microphone systems and you are on a budget, check out the Audio Technica 2000 4 way wireless rack. it comes fully assembled with the option of handheld or beltpack transmitters (or a combination of the two). Please take a look the video below that briefly outlines the 4 way wireless microphone system.

Product Video - Allen & Heath Zed60-14fx

Written by Dave Sharpe on Thursday, 21 August 2014 13:27. Posted in Blog


We have recently started to film a series of short, informative videos on different products for our web sales website. Some of these videos show products that we use on our installations so we thought, why not upload them here! We hope you enjoy them, if you have any questions then please do let us know. As always, we are happy to help! 

Stay tuned for more videos!

Installation at Bermuda Adventure Soft Play

Written by Dave Sharpe on Wednesday, 13 August 2014 12:41. Posted in Blog

We were recently tasked with installing a retro-fit paging system into Nuneaton and Bedworth Leisure's latest activity centre. We designed a simple to use 100v line system with an Audio Technica dynamic gooseneck microphone so that announcements could be made through 8 discreet speakers located inside and outside the centre in different areas. The reason for using a dynamic gooseneck is that there will be a high level of ambient noise in the centre so it is essential that this is not picked up when making announcements. We also supplied a switchable base unit so that a user can control when they want to make an announcement. A simple rack mount mixer was wired into a cupboard in the reception area. The mixer also has room to allow inputs from a CD player or Mp3 device if the client wishes to do so in the future.

The second part of the installation was to install two 32" TV screens into the cafe to act as digital signage displays to show menus and special offers. The TV's were mounted onto the girders above the suspended ceiling and then fixed onto a pole that dropped through the ceiling tiles. 

See the pics below!



The Year So Far...

Written by Dave Sharpe on Friday, 21 February 2014 10:47. Posted in Blog

Wow! We can't believe it is nearly March already! Due to unprecedented levels of enquiries this year and a number of installations and site visits keeping me on the road most of the year to day, I now have a chance to talk through what we have been doing so far this year...

We began the year with a small installation at the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire. They needed a new TV screen in their lounge area along with input points for a laptop, games console, Mp3 Device, DVD player. Due to the size of the room and the fact that they will also be showing sports and films, we installed a 65" Full HD screen with a small multi-AV input point. Here are some pictures of the process!

After this installation we started preparing for the Children's Ministries Conference 2014 in Eastbourne which we have been providing and engineering for many years now. Our boss and leader Glyn headed up a team of engineers for another successful event that led to more positive feedback from the organisers.

We are now looking forward to a large number of confirmed installations over the next few months so stay tuned to see how we get on! I will be posting blogs on all of our installations.


Induction Loop Systems

Written by Dave Sharpe on Thursday, 05 September 2013 13:25. Posted in Blog

Induction Loop Systems

Induction loop systems or  audio-frequency induction loops (AFILs) as they are also known by are a must have part of any audio and video system. They are required, where reasonably possible, under the Equality Act 2010 that replaced the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

An induction loop system consists of a 'loop' of wire running around a specific area. This could be a whole room or smaller area, depending on the space that you want to be covered. The wire is attached to an amplifier which drives a current to generate a magnetic field that can be picked up by a hearing aid when set to the 'T' position. An audio signal is sent to the amplifier from an external device which can then be heard through the hearing aid when a person is standing within the area of the loop.

There are many different models and brands of induction loop amplifiers available so it can be daunting when you come to try and choose one. The main thing to consider is the length of cable that you will require as this will determine the type and strength of amplifier that you will need.

Induction loop systems have some drawbacks in that they can be quite difficult to install which means that you will probably need to bring in a professional. Some hearing aids do not have a coil fitted so they are unable to pick up the sound from an induction loop system and as technology advances further, induction loop systems may in fact become redundant. On a plus note however, the units themselves will have zero-rated VAT for churches and charities and require very little maintenance.  Once they have been set they can be left to run, only needing to be turned on and off!

These systems can sometimes cause interference with other equipment, however there are solutions to this which is another reason for you to have an induction loop professionally installed. They are however, a very cost effective alternative to infra-red systems, which although have positives in their own rights, they also have some drawbacks.

If you have the confidence to install an induction loop system or just need an amplifier then please feel free to visit our shop and check out our range of induction loop amplifiers

If you are unsure as to which induction loop amplifier you need in your church or are weighing up whether a loop system or infra-red then please feel free to talk to one of our experts. If you would like us to come and visit your church to see what would best suit your needs then simply fill out a survey visit form to the right.

Acoustic Arrangements tailored our installation based on listening to our requirements. A high level of equipment used, whilst giving a competitive price for the Christian market. A professional installation and a pleasure to do business with.

Grant Farrant, Christian Conference Trust