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Installation at St Peters Church in Whatcote

Written by Dave Sharpe on 02 September 2013. Posted in Blog

Whatcote Church Sound Installation

The brief was to install a small sound system that would allow the speakers to be used in a number of different variations as the church often has smaller meetings with a different arrangement of seating.

It was clear from the start that the system was only ever going to be used for speech and a little background music so we went down the route of a 100v line system using an Inter-M PA6000 mixer amplifier. Our usual mixer amplifier that we use has unfortunately been discontinued and as yet, we have not been informed of a release date for a replacement so we had to search for an alternative. 

Therefore, we needed a mixer amplifier that offered enough power for 6 speakers that could also group them into three pairs so that the user could select which speakers they want to hear to match whichever way the congregation was facing. As we had also supplied a wireless lapel mic (Sennheiser XSW12) as well as a wireless handheld mic (Sennheiser XSW35) and an Audio Technica AT8033 condenser mic, we needed the mixer to have a basic graphic equaliser to avoid potential feedback issues....

Up stepped the humble Inter-M PA6000, although this is not the smallest of mixer amplifiers, it ticked the boxes of everything we required and also came in at a price to suit the budgetary needs of the church. The mixer allows for 6 XLR inputs, switchable between mic and line, 5 groupings of speakers, a basic 5 band EQ section and a power rating of 240watts so it delivers huge amount for the money!

We also installed a new induction loop system and due to the size of the church and the route of the cabling, we supplied a Current Thinking ET300 Loop Amplifier. 

If you would like any more information on choosing the right equipment for your church, please feel free to contact us and we would be very happy to help!

The final install does everything we wanted it to do. We are more than happy to recommend Acoustic Arrangements and for people to visit us.

Peter Wrigley, All Saints Nuneaton