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Discreet Audio Solutions

Written by Dave Sharpe on 05 September 2013. Posted in Blog

When installing sound and video systems into churches, consideration of the building itself is extremely important. In some cases having an AV rack of equipment and a mixing desk is just not possible for many reasons such as space, aesthetics and safety to name a few.

Fortunately, technology has improved to a point where you do not need to have a rack full of equipment that is visible in your church. It is possible to have all of your equipment safely stored away, out of view and then run the system with a remote control. These remote controls can be wireless (in the form of an I-Pad or Tablet), wall mounted or even fixed onto a lectern and will allow you to have a few simple volume controls for microphones and audio playback for example. You can even recall pre-sets so that you can run your full service with just a few controls.

You may have been unsure or put off by the thinking that a new sound and video system in your church would require all of the equipment to be visible which may look very out of place in your church building but fear not! Talk to one of our experts to see what solutions we can bring to your church to enhance your services to your congregations, or book a survey visit on the tab to the right.

Here are a couple of examples of the new Allen and Heath range of controllers that can be wall mounted or fitted into a lectern

Allen and Heath PL-4 ControllerAllen and Heath PL-6 Controller