• SongPro 5 church song song projection software

SongPro 5: Leading the way in church song word projection and database management.

SongPro is one of the leading software packages specifically designed to manage and display a database of songs for use in Churches. It is ideally suited for large screen projection thus removing the need for old fashioned song/hymn books and even OHPs! It takes the hard work out of preparing for services and even allows you to import powerpoint documents, video clips and audio files giving your services a professional and effective solution.

"I find this program very straight forward, simple, intuitive and flexible to use. Certainly meeting my requirements for word projection software."

Rev. Martin Saxby, St. Matthew’s Church Rugby

SongPro is worship projection software which enables you to plan and manage the projection of all service requirements including song lyrics, Bible passages, liturgical text, PowerPoint presentations, video clips and notices. Service plans can be created in advance for easy operation during a service. The ‘quick search’ facility will enable the operator to quickly locate and project ‘on-the-fly’, unplanned songs by the worship leader.

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New features in Songpro v5 include i-pad/i-phone/i-pod touch control via the app, live camera feed with text overlay (requires capture card or firewire), optional cloud syncing and backup, a new interface for playing DVD's, play YouTube videos and much much more!

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